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What is the significance of third-party inspection companies?

Various products with either big brands or small brands are sold through different channels in China. How do these brands control the quality of their products at present?

Many brand enterprises control the product quality by the quality department rather than a factory, which even controls, tracks and corrects the production process from the source. It is because when the factory is involved, the production, quality and the regulation will be greatly reduced. On the other hand, the quality department is restricted by the sales department. If the quality is overly controlled, the output will be affected. Therefore, only after a quality problem occurs will the sales department ask the quality department to pay attention to the product quality. Now, with the improvement of the awareness of brand quality, more and more Chinese brands prefer the reliable third-party inspection companies, which are entrusted by these brands to inspect the products produced in other places and realize the product quality control.

With the spirit of justice and professional attitude, third-party inspection companies discover the hidden problem that not found by buyers from other point of view and act as the eyes of the customers of factory. Moreover, the quality inspection report issued by the third-party companies is an implicit evaluation and constraint to the quality department.

The significance of quality control by the third-party inspection companies for the brand

Take precautions, control quality and save cost

For brand companies those export products, customs clearance requires a lot of money. If products cannot meet the quality requirements of the exporter, it will not only bring great economic losses to the company, but also have a negative impact on the image of the company. For domestic supermarkets and sale platforms, quality problem will bring the refunding and exchanging issues, which lead to economic losses and reputation sacrifices. Therefore, professional third-party inspection companies that are familiar with external tendering and quality standards will be hired to ensure the products quality upon the completion of the goods, no matter the goods are for exportation, sold in supermarkets or in the online platforms. Inspecting the product based on the corresponding standard is not only helpful to control the product quality and establish brand image, but also beneficial to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Leave the business to the professionals

Regarding to the suppliers and factories on the channel of the company, inspection companies shall provide the inspection services in the early, middle and post stages to ensure the efficiency and orderliness of products and the quality of the whole production. For companies aiming to establish a brand, the brand image and the products quality should be strictly controlled. The company should keep a close relationship with the professional third-party inspection companies for stable cooperation, which is of great significance to the company.

Rational allocation of Quality Control personnel

For brand products, the difference between slack season and peak season is obvious. With the expansion of company and departments, a large number of quality control personnel are needed. In the slack season, the company will pay labor costs for the idle quality control personnel. In the peak season, the quality control personnel are obviously insufficient, which will cause losses in the quality control. Hiring third-party inspection companies will ensure the abundant QC personnel, abundant customers, and reasonable personnel. In the slack season, the company can authorize the third-party personnel for inspection. In the peak season, the company can entrust the third-party inspection company with all or part of the quality control work, which can not only save costs, but also achieve the optimization of personnel allocation.