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IKEA then recalled 17.3 million "drawer cabinet" does not involve China

Original title: IKEA recalls "deadly drawer cabinet" (Figure) Malm series drawers upside down has caused the death of eight children The recall does not involve China

According to CCTV Financial News, Sweden's furniture and home retailer - IKEA recently stressed again in the United States and Canada recall a total of 17.3 million drawers. It is reported that IKEA has issued a recall notice last year, this time again announced because another child was knocked over the furniture hit dead, so far similar accidents have resulted in the death of eight children.

Trouble is Malm's chest of drawers

It is reported that this recall is still the Malm series of chest of drawers, if not properly fixed on the wall, even just to learn to walk children, but also can easily upside down cabinets.

IKEA's recall is limited to the United States and Canada and applies to children's drawers up to 60 cm and to adult drawers up to 75 cm. This includes eight million Mallet drawers sold between 2002 and June 2016.

Ikea once again recalled the "deadly drawer cabinet," the news once again raised the great concern of Chinese Internet users. Related topics once occupied the hottest microblogging hot search position.

It is reported that the IKEA recall plan does not involve China.

The chest of drawers is still normal sales in China

Due to the scope of this recall, IKEA only the United States and Canada, Malm series of chest of drawers in China is still for sale. Open IKEA China official website, you can also see a variety of Malm chest of drawers information.

Reporters log in IKEA China official website of the Malm series of chest of drawers for inquiries and found that the series of chest of drawers a total of 6 commodities, of which 5 drawers above 60 cm. Reporters randomly at the official website of the series chest of drawers in Beijing mall inventory check, found that the goods show sufficient inventory.

The reporter then call the IKEA China customer service hotline asking Malm series chest of drawers in Beijing is still the normal physical store sales, customer service give a positive answer. For the recent receipt of IKEA headquarters recalled Malm series drawer notification, customer feedback said that the recent did not receive any recall notice.

This shows that Malm series chest of drawers is still the IKEA Chinese official website and the normal sale of physical stores.

Last year, after the turmoil of "life-saving chest of drawers," Shanghai authorities also held interviews with IKEA. IKEA side said it will not be within the framework of the product in China to deal with. In the interview, the solution Ikea gave was nailing the cupboard to the wall, and IKEA could provide free reinforcement services.

IKEA China also responded that this product is in line with China's state regulations and it is safe to fix the product on the wall.

Official website below with security tips

At the IKEA website below the product page, the reporter also found the relevant safety tips:

For the whole family, of course, the home should be a safe place. The product package is therefore equipped with a safety mounting to secure the drawer to the wall.

caveat! DANGER HAZARD - Unfixed furniture may fall over. The furniture must use the product safety accessories within the package to be fixed with the wall to prevent tipping over.

Different wall materials require different types of fixtures. Use fixtures that match the walls of your home, sold separately.

Source: City Express