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Inspection on toys

Toys, including stuffed toys, electronic toys, air-filled toys, are good helpers to the growth of children. Nowadays, there is an increasingly number of countries have formulated relevant laws about toys to protect healthy growth of children. Therefore, paying extra attention to the inspection of toys is necessary. Lets read items and standard operation process of the inspection about air-filled toys in below:


1.Check information and specs of product on site

Arriving the factory to confirm the tasks with the person in charge. To report the problem to the company in time if the goods have the below issues:

1). the actual quantity of goods does not meet the requirement.

2). the actual quantity of goods is changed to the order form.

3). The actual address of the factory is different to the application.

4). The factory may mislead the inspector in the quantity expression of sets sometimes.


2.Sampling the carton

Total amount cartons for sampling:

Generally, following the principle to do the first inspection, which is to sample amount of the square root of total cartons and re-inpection is double the quantity of the first inspection.


3.Check the marking of master carton and inner box

master carton and inner box is the vital mark of shipping and distribution and the mark like fragile label can effectively remind people handle it with care. The inconformity of marking of master cartons and inner box to the checklist must be indicated in the report.


4.Check the carton and the package whether it conform to the requirements of customers and describe it in the packing part in the report.


5.Attach importance to any point of difference when contrast with products, sample and specs together.



1). The functionality of the toy and the conformance of the instruction and the pack.

2). The marking like CE, WEE, Age classifications and so on.

3). The readability and validity of Barcode.


7.Appearance and on-site test

A)Appearance test of air-filled toy

a.Retail package of air-filled toy

(1). No dirt, damaged, moisture

(2). Must have Barcode, CE, manual, address of importer, place of production

(3). Whether packing method is incorrect

(4). Packing bag need punching and warning label if its circumference of opening 380mm.

(5). Firmness of pasting of packing box

(6) Firmness of plastic uptake, no damage, wrinkle, moisture

b.Air-filled toys

(1). No burr and sharp edge

(2). Small parts in the toy for children under the age of 3 is not allowed

(3) Instruction omission and unclear printing

(4) Warning label omission

(5). Decorative paster omission

(6). No bug and mildew

(7). Product has unpleasant odor

(8). Parts missing or incorrect

(9). Parts deformation, dirt, damage, scratch, impact

(10) poor or wrong coating

(11)Poor injection of plastic, bubble, stain, flow mark

(12)Burrs on parts or on the injection points

(13)Poor functionality

(14)The external height of valve core less than 5mm when the core plug in the toy with full of air

(15)Must have reflux valve

B)Field tests of common air-filled toys

a.Complete assembly test must in line with the description of packing box and instruction.

b.The toy must in line with the the description of packing box and instruction after full inflatable test continuous for 4hrs

c.Dimension check

d.Weight measurement for inspecting uniformity of the material

e.3M brand adhesive tape test for printing/marking/silk screen

f.ISTA carton drop test: 1 corner, 3 sides, 6 faces

g.Strain relief test

h.The test of check valve