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The demand for organic cotton and recycled materials will increase significantly

Recently, Zara's parent company, Inditex, a fast-fashion giant, expects 10% of the products to use recycled or organic fabrics and cultivate consumers' habit of wearing eco-friendly garments. The news was frequently relayed among friends. At the same time, Inditex is not just an outreach campaign, but a direct collaboration with MIT to begin developing new high-quality recycled fabrics. Zara's practice undoubtedly reflects the social responsibility that a large company should assume.

As we all know, fast fashion business philosophy is that the fashion elements from luxury into FMCG, so that each income class people are able to have access to fashion. Most fast fashion products, because of their low prices, as well as the fashion trend of the rapid conversion, easy "outdated" factors, and become not cherished by their buyers, easily discarded. This kind of discard will undoubtedly bring a lot of "waste" to the society, that is, it is a waste of social resources and exerts tremendous pressure on the environment, thus becoming a huge social problem. Zara can take precautions, timely fashion for the upcoming emergence of these problems to make good after the move, no doubt with a social responsibility to deal with the mentality. Zara can become a fast fashion giant, no doubt also have enough vision, mind and play!

In fact, this year's form of view, the growing number of GOTS / OCS / GRS audit needs, so portable win see more and more large brands are gradually focusing on organic and recycling this area, but also more and more To their own suppliers made in this regard. In the near future, having a GOTS / OCS / GRS certificate on hand may be the magic weapon you can beat other competitors.

It is expected that the Canton Fair in the second half of this year should continue to have garment foreign trade enterprises and put their own company's GOTS / OCS / GRS certificates on their booths. Carrying recommendations, those who have not yet certified enterprises, we must seize the time to get the certificate, when the competitors have, and we do not have, not only embarrassing, more likely to lose a lot of business opportunities Oh!

Source: China factory inspection network