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The second Beijing Municipal Government Quality Management Award released

On December 6, "The Second Beijing Municipal Government Quality Management Award Presentation Ceremony" was held in Beijing Municipal Government. Vice Mayor Yin Hejun attended the awarding ceremony and won the second Beijing Municipal Government Quality Management Award and Nomination Award Unit awards.

It is reported that access to the second session of the Beijing Municipal Government Quality Management Award units were Capital Aerospace Machinery Corporation, Bank of Beijing Co., Ltd., Bayer HealthCare, Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park Development Co., Ltd., China Resources Double Crane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 5 units. In addition, 5 units of Beijing No. 3 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing Caishikou Department Store Co., Ltd., Beijing Beichen Industrial Co., Ltd. National Conference Center, Beijing No. 2 Wangzhi He Food Co., Ltd. and Sinopec Lubricant Co., Ltd. received Beijing Municipal Government Quality Management Nomination Award.

According to reports, the Beijing Municipal Government Quality Management Award is awarded by the National Accreditation Award for the work of the coordination group approved the establishment of Beijing's highest quality awards, selected every two years, the scope of selection is within the administrative region of Beijing registered more than 3 years , With legal personality, in line with the capital city functional orientation and industrial development policies of enterprises or organizations can declare, get the municipal government quality management award of the total number of enterprises or organizations in principle no more than 5, in addition to set no more than five nominations. The "Beijing Municipal Government Quality Management Award" is selected to create "Beijing service" and "Beijing create" brand, promote quality improvement and brand development strategy, establish a model of enterprise quality, form a benchmark demonstration effect, promote the city's enterprises and organizations to learn and import advanced Quality management methods and models, and achieved results. Get the municipal government quality management award to give a one-time award of 2000000 yuan, and give priority to participate in the evaluation of China's quality award, participate in the assessment and assessment process does not charge any fees.

The second Beijing Municipal People's Government Quality Management Award review in accordance with the "voluntary reporting, eligibility review, material review, site review, review and appraisal, public comment, approval of" link in turn. To take online reporting, reporting time and channels in Beijing Quality and Technical Supervision official website notice. On the basis of the national standards of Guidelines for Performance Excellence and Guidelines for Implementation of Performance Excellence Criteria, the selection of this session and the Evaluation Office further revised the content and weight of the evaluation index system and formulated the " People's Government Quality Management Award Evaluation Criteria (2016 Edition) ", highlighting the characteristics and strategic positioning of Beijing, brand, innovation and social responsibility-oriented, and increase the service industry, nonprofit organizations evaluation index to make the provisions more clear and concise, in line with the capital .

It is understood that this city government quality management awards to take evaluation of experts and big data evaluation of a combination of ways. According to the nature of the reporting enterprise, all the indicators that can be quantified in the "Quality Management Award Evaluation Criteria for the People's Government of Beijing Municipality (2016 Edition)" are quantified, and big data technologies are used to analyze, validate and evaluate such indicators, and corporate culture and strategy implementation are not quantifiable The qualitative indicators are evaluated by the appraisal experts to form a "qualitative and quantitative" combination of evaluation models, reflecting the Beijing Municipal Government Quality Award review comprehensive, scientific, objective and accurate. In addition, this year's "Beijing Municipal Government Quality Management Award" appraised the use of big data technology, through the means of informatization of big data, fully collected and sorted out "big data of enterprises, governments, consumers, news media and third-party agencies" Provide technical support such as screening, verification, evaluation and monitoring for the selection work, and construct a government quality award evaluation system from the perspective of quality control.

At present, in order to promote the quality development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Geology and Mineral Resources Administration of Beijing, Tianjin and Ji have reached an agreement, the resources of experts from the three places have been shared, the experience exchange and training among experts have been carried out, and the evaluation ability and level have been raised. Promote advanced quality management methods and excellent performance management models of famous enterprises, share successful cases and achievements, and guide more enterprises to pursue excellence. Through the cooperation between the three places, the government quality awards of the three places in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will be coordinated to promote the overall quality of the region.

In addition, the award-winning enterprises or organizations, the Office will continue to monitor the management of the award-winning enterprises or organizations on a regular basis to monitor the quality of business conditions, product quality and other circumstances, if the business or organization within 3 years after the award of significant quality, Safety, environmental protection, health and other accidents, causing serious adverse social impact, will be withdrawn their awards, and to inform the community.

Source: China Quality News