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Choosing the third-party inspection company like this? Wrong!

Third-party inspection service is a certified inspection service provided by an organization independent of buyers and suppliers in the trade process. The third-party inspection company controls the quality of the goods supplied and inspects the relevant contents in the purchase and sale contract on behalf of the client according to the requirements of the buyer or the entrusting party.

The selection of third-party inspection companies and institutions affects the quality of inspection services, which influences the quality control of goods. Therefore, it requires careful consideration to choose a reliable third-party inspection company.

So, how to choose a reliable third-party inspection company?


Firstly, understand the types of inspection services

Pre-production inspection: Through random sampling, inspectors conduct the inspection of raw materials, preliminary processed products, and components and parts.

Inspection in production: The semi-manufactured products on the production or the finished products just off the production line are inspected by inspectors. Errors and deviations are examined and reported to the factory. The effective correction methods are proposed by inspectors.

Sampling inspection of final products before delivery: Before the delivery of the manufactured and packaged products (usually 100% manufactured and 80% packaged), inspectors shall examine the quantity, process, function, color, size specification, packaging and other details of the goods through sampling inspection. Take sampling in accordance with the internationally recognized standards such as ISO2859/NF X06-022/ANSI/ASQC Z1.4/BS 6001/DIN 40080, along with the specific sampling requirements provided by buyers.

Shipment supervision: After the sampling inspection of the final product before shipment, the inspectors shall assist the manufacturer to confirm the proper cleaning conditions and packing conditions of the applied containers at the factory base, warehouse and during the transfer process.

Factory evaluation: The factory inspectors are assigned by the inspection company according to the requirement of the clients, and examine the working conditions, production conditions, facilities, manufacturing equipment, manufacturing methods and quality control management and personnel of the factory. The corresponding explanations and opinions proposed by the inspectors provide the clients with not only the possible problems that may lead to accidents induced by poor quality, but also the advice for rectification.


Secondly, understand the role of inspection services

Conforming to the Standard  

Professional inspection companies will inspect the goods according to the quality requirements specified by the relevant standards of the target import/export countries and the quality standards proposed by the clients.



Third-party inspection companies arrange inspection timely and respond to the discovered defects of product in time, which ensures sufficient time to take emergent and remedial measures to avoid delivery delay.

Reputation guaranteed

The professional and scientific sampling inspection methods adopted by the inspection company can effectively reduce or avoid the access of inferior products into the market resulting in consumer complaints, which significantly protects the business reputation.

Cost saving

The reasonable arrangements of inspections can effectively reduce the management expenses and labor costs for monitoring and testing products, which saves the cost for companies.


Then, know the market of professional third-party inspection companies


In China, inspection companies are divided into three categories


I. Domestic branches of large international inspection companies, such as SGS, ITS, BV, Tuv, etc.

II. Other small inspection companies, of which the service covers a key city.

III. Innovative companies of "Internet + inspection" mode covering most domestic areas, such as Escortcat inspection platform.


Finally, how to choose an appropriate third-party inspection company


First, make comparisons between the three types of inspection companies

I.  The cost of traditional large international third-party inspection companies is high, of which a large part is accounted for the welfare, allowance and travel expenses of inspection personnel.


II. Small inspection companies have a narrow expertise field, with low ability of receiving orders and narrow area coverage. Therefore, many orders from other places cannot be received or arranged.

III. Escortcat adopts the novel "Internet + inspection" mode. It gathers elite inspection personnel from all of the country with powerful resources covering most domestic areas. Meanwhile, it provides professional services for a wide range of goods with fixed prices and zero travel costs.


Then, choose the appropriate third-party inspection company

With the environment of increasingly focusing on the efficiency of trade and economy, most traders pay more attention to the efficiency of issuing inspection reports for saving time costs and ensuring the smooth trade flow, in addition to capital cost control.

Compared to the traditional mode, the novel "Internet + inspection" mode provided by Escortcat has the advantages of fitting well with the current trade situation and ensuring the smooth trade flow.