Whether you are developing new products, or in process of production or purchasing, you need reliable, independent third party inspections to ensure that all your concerned qualities can meet your expectations at every stage.


Escort Cat is such a role in supply chain, we are providing competitive inspection service at factory site,and our factory audit services helps to appraisal your vendor’s capability. Escort Cat service is to reduce your risk of quality in different regions and markets.


(1) Booking service available 24hours*7 a week on demand.

(2) Real-time control of the arrival and departure time of EC inspectors, and each inspection process as well.

(3) Instant communicate with you if anything wrong found by EC inspectors at site, no need wait another day for the report.

(4) If you have special demand on your products, our professional inspection standards can be customized especially made for you.

(5) Delivers reports within 24 hours after departure of EC inspectors.

(6) Each inspection and report will reviewed by an experienced professional before it can be formally issued and present to customer.

(7) EC service can take your burden off from tactical activities (e.g. vendor control, factory audit, production control and inspection) , leaving tactical work to EC professionals, and release yourself with more time on strategy of business, marketing campaigns, and customer service, etc.